Waddington St Church Projects

“Making a difference in today’s world”

The congregation believes that in addition to our individual giving we should do what we can to support other organisations in their work both in Durham and in the wider world. Since 2010 we have on alternative years raised money to support charities in Durham City and in the wider world. The money raising efforts themselves have been informative, enjoyable, have enriched our fellowship and to some extent challenged waist lines!

In 2013/14 we refurbished our premises to make them more usable and comfortable, replaced all the heating and installed Wi-Fi freely available to all users of the premises. These changes and adaptations were considered necessary to enable the congregation to better serve the community and this has proven to be the case with many more charities and voluntary groups using the premises than previously.


  • Christian Aid                   £1110.90  (including £348.40 Haiti Appeal)
  • Global Care. (Ugandan School Programme) £2846.70


  • Christian Aid                    £649.60
  • Moving On.(Durham Charity Young Homeless)  £3700.00



  • Christian Aid                    £249.80
  • Triple E (Street Children in Manila)       £3700.00
  • Presbyterian Church Mozambique. £3500.00



  • Samoa Appeal.                            £656.25
  • NEPACs (Support to prisoner’s families

Caravan Project)                                  £3000.00

  • Christian Aid.        £1921.00
  • The Future Fund. (Premises refurb)           £24000.00



  • Christian Aid.                          £2400.00
  • The Future Fund.                                 £74000.00


  • Medicins sans Frontieres.       £7000.00
  • Christian Aid        £780.00


  • Narcotics Anon & The Foundation.        £1500.00

(two local charities)

  • Syrian refugees in the North East.                                   £2000.00
  • Christian Aid          £517.00

2017 (to date August)

  • The Christian Blind Mission        £1864.00
  • Christian Aid        £1264.00