Student Evenings

The second of our evenings welcoming overseas students to Durham took place on August 8th, which must have been the wettest day of the summer.

Despite the rain, more than 20 students found their way to Waddington Street, mainly on foot and walking down from the hill colleges. For most of them this was still their first week of what will be a year of study in a strange city and strange environment far from home.

Half a dozen church members were there to greet them and share the evening, starting with a “welcome to Durham” Powerpoint and offering information about life in the city. We hope that friendships may develop from this initiative, and that students will want to approach church members for practical support and information.

More student evenings are planned for the coming year. September 12th will be the third of our welcome evenings; then themed evenings will be held on October 17th and October 31st (Halloween) and December 5th. And more to follow after Christmas.


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