Reconciliation in the Middle East

An event on Thursday 30th May at Waddington Street URC, Durham 10.30 am – 3.30 pm

We are privileged to welcome expert speakers to address and update us on the complex situation in the Middle East and to outline how we can support the work of Commitment for Life (working with Christian Aid & Global Justice Now) in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

After coffee/tea & introductions, Dr Peter A Shambrook will give a presentation on how the political and international scene has developed. Peter, member of a local church, is an independent scholar and historical consultant to the Balfour Project, which works for equal rights in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. He held research positions at Durham and Oxford Universities and published his latest work ‘A Policy of Deceit: Britain and Palestine’ in 2023.

At 12.30 a simple lunch of Middle Eastern style soup with pitta bread and mint tea will be served.

After lunch we will hear from Mrs Rosemary Smith, who lives in Sedgefield. Her son, Dr James Smith serves as an emergency doctor with NGOs in Gaza. This year he was among medics evacuated from Al-Aqsa Hospital and returned to work in Khan younis.

Then we welcome Rev Dr Kevin Snyman, Programme Officer for the URC in its partnership with Christian Aid and Global Justice Now.

The event will end in a short time of reflection.

Feel free to attend part if you don’t have time for the whole programme. There is no charge, but we welcome donations to Christian Aid and Global Justice Now.


* It would be helpful if you could let us know numbers for lunch, please

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