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bookletOver the past year our links with Josephine Butler College have strengthened as we have hosted a series of lively student evenings. These have focused on a variety of topics, but many of them have included food, and all of them have allowed plenty of time for conversation – contributing to the broadening of our horizons, as well as to the students’ inter-generational project. And shortly before Christmas we were the guests and spent a fun-filled quiz evening with them at the College.

And once again we have sponsored an artist in residence in partnership with the College. Dr Louise Powell, an award-winning writer with roots in Middlesbrough, has led us in a number of creative writing workshops over the course of the year, and has seen the emergence of talents which we never realised we had among us.

Towards the end of her year of residency she hosted a morning of creative writings in our church, with the assistance of two students from Josephine Butler who read and performed some of the works that had been received from both students and our church members.  The collection of monologues, short stories and poetry had been gathered together in a booklet with the title “Everyday Inspirations”, which was given out to the contributors.

Already the search is on for another artist in residence. We look forward to getting to know and working with the lucky applicant.

Video of the Showcase Morning

March 2024

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