Community Groups – Argentine Tango

My name is John Paul and I run the Monday evening Argentine Tango class here at Waddington Street United Reformed Church.

I was first introduced to this mesmerising and amazing dance when I watched two programmes about it on BBC4 in 2005. I was enchanted by the way the couples danced on an intuitive and connected level, without relying on ‘sequences’, or choreographed moves. I had to learn how! So, I found myself at a beginners class…..and was hooked!

Some 12 years down the line and I now teach and run not only this class in Durham, but also classes in Darlington, Low Fell in Gateshead, teach private lessons by arrangement and run a new monthly Friday night milonga [dance night] in the centre of Newcastle.

There have been several studies on the beneficial effects of dance and ‘Partner’ dance in particular, in which  those who dance show marked improvement in balance, movement and coordination. Argentine Tango was found to be particularly beneficial as it also stimulated areas of the brain involved in planning, pleasure and intuitive thought. Indeed it was found that couples who achieved true ‘connection’, not only moved together in perfect time, but were found to harmonise body rhythm, heart rates and brain-wave patterns…Truly dancing ‘as one’!

So there you have it, if you or anyone you know is interested in beginning a ‘Tango Journey’, please come along and get involved in this wonderful dance. You won’t regret it!”

Contact [email protected]

or  tel 07714596358 – please text rather than call: leave name, number and basic request and I will text you back