A letter from the Elders – 21-March-2020

Some of you will undoubtedly know, and those who do not, will not be unduly surprised to learn that Waddington St URC has suspended Sunday worship and church meetings for the time being in response to and in accord with the guidance on dealing with the Corona virus.

The closure is unprecedented but so is the challenge facing us all. To help us deal with the challenge you will see a link below to the URC Daily Devotions which are well established and available on-line at  https://devotions.urc.org.uk

From now on the devotion will include Sunday worship in audio and written form. We would encourage you to explore this as it could be helpful to us all by providing spiritual nourishment at a difficult time.

The Elders are discussing a number of ideas that would help us stay in regular contact particularly with those in our midst who may be feeling vulnerable and to provide practical help where needed. We have received offers of practical help from some members and friends. They include essential shopping; delivering the church magazine; if you order by click and collect and cannot collect, we can arrange to collect on your behalf; providing a weekly prayer on the church noticeboard for those passing by. Other folk are making themselves available but unsure what the needs might be. Please contact your Elder with ideas and offers of help or if you know someone who needs assistance.

We believe we all need to try and reduce the fear and uncertainty around the idea and reality of isolation by staying in regular contact with each other as we are able by phone, e-mail, skype, facetime or similar.

The next issue of the Review will have a letter from our new Minister Marcus who is now up and running and wishes to support us in any way he can. Further information will be sent out as and when relevant.

Please contact your own or any Elder with thoughts and ideas which could help this fellowship and our communities to weather this storm and with God’s help and grace to be the stronger for it.

Psalm 46 v1-2 reminds us. God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore, we will not be afraid.

Also Psalm 40 v 1&2 reminds us of God’s steadfastness.

I waited for the Lord my God,
and patiently did bear;
At length to me he did incline
my voice and cry to hear.

He took me from a fearful pit,
and from the miry clay,
And on a rock he set my feet,
establishing my way.

Peace and blessings to you all.

The Elders.